84 Plymouth Grand Fury Cop Car

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Jun 3, 2015
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I have this car with no title and a blowed motor. It froze. It has never been titled by a civilian. Last time in service was 1991 or 1994. 23000 miles. I bought it from an estate. Body is black with nice blue veloure interior in great condition.. Dry motor runs good enough to drive to check transmission and it seems to shift good. I put a new radiator in it and put water in it and it all came out the oil drain plug. Not good. Body is near perfect with no rust and the interior is the same with a headliner just starting to sag. Not wanting to part it out although it would be a great donor car to get some cherry parts from, but I don't have the time or place . Been in storage since 1994 indoors. All glass is good. Has 5 cop wheels and caps. I need $2500 just to break even. If you are interested, call me @ 1=614=875=0369. I can text you a couple of pictures. P.S. I am not selling parts from this car, I am selling it as a complete vintage cop car for parts only, and it is nice and clean. Parts will come with a receipt of purchase.


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Mar 4, 2012
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Oklahoma City
614 is central Ohio – but if that is his cell number, then who knows.

I would need to see a couple of pictures before I would even consider it – but Ohio is too far for me to travel to get it.

There just so happen to be a decent ’84 Gran Fury 318 police engine sitting in my garage, which I have no plans for currently . . .
I suspect the original engine block is cracked (typically in the lifter valley) from being frozen (not enough antifreeze mixed with water).
318 engine blocks are a plentiful – but a replacement won’t have a matching vin on it.