Cheap slant six radiator alternative

Mar 18, 2023
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North Carolina
It was about time to change my radiator, it hasn't been touched since 1980 and it developed a leak, so I went shopping for radiators and the only one guaranteed as a direct fit was over $250 on rock auto. Being somewhat of a miser, I found a dirt cheap mustang radiator on ebay for $86, the listing is gone now but this is similar to the one I bought 3 Row Aluminum Cooling Radiator For 1960-1966 Ford Mustang Falcon Comet V8 MT | eBay
The radiator is similar to a slant 6 F body radiator which has the inlet and outlet hoses on the same side. I fabricated some mounts out of 1/8 inch steel to bolt it to the radiator support and it's fairly sturdy. I used a flex hose for the bottom hose and modified a 90 degree hose to fit the top. It runs about the same temperature as the old radiator even with no shroud or anything, it runs about 1/4 of the way from cold to hot going down the highway at 60mph and idling in traffic in the summer it gets about 3/8 to hot, you can watch the needle cool down as the car gets up speed. I've been driving it for almost 3 months now and no cooling issues or leaks. The only problem I had is that the transmission cooler fitting threads stripped out, but I'm using an external cooler anyway so it doesn't matter for me. So if you need a new radiator for your slant 6 you can save some money this way with a little measuring and fabrication.