Future mods to my 76 Roadrunner resto.


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Mar 10, 2011
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Picked up a set of rear disc off a 2007 Jeep Liberty. Going to put those on the 8 1/4 currently in the car.

Got a good deal on the brand Borgeson power steering unit and the Bergman no cut install kit. BAC No Cut Borgeson Steering Box Coupler Kit - Bergman Auto Craft

I have already done the K car power booster conversion.

Picked up a set of 273 adj rocker arms and a set of pushrods from Summit.

Replaced the dead radiator with a 3 core aluminum off Ebay that is a match for an 86 Ram small block with AC. (3 core) For 79-93 Dodge D/W 100 200 250 350 Truck V8 3Row Aluminum Radiator Shroud fan | eBay

K frame has issues from when someone didn't tighten down the lower control arm bolt and it has wallowed out the hole. I have a cop K frame I will be swapping in. Also the people that swapped the 360 in apparently didn't know you could buy the correct motor mounts for it. So they cut the spool mounts out on the K frame and welded in old style motor mount mounts. Ugh

When I do K frame I will be swapping to the aluminum frame isolators I got from Firmfeel.

I have also switched to a Pertronix Flamethrower III which is capacitive discharge and multi spark. PerTronix D72000 Flame-Thrower HEI III GM 4 Pin Module with multiple sparks and digital rev-limiter
and a mounting kit from Mopar HEI Conversion
Setting the Rev limiter is a little fiddly but seems to work. It does make for a very clean install.
One caveat is that it requires a low OHM coil. They thought my blaster 2 should work but I just got a modern solid state coil.