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    Warning about today's Gas and Carburated Cars.

    They tried the same exact game with "biodiesel" too. That went over like a lead balloon for about 98 good reasons. When the government gets involved, they just add to the problems. Always ask yourself "who funded this" and "who will benefit from this". The answer is rarely going to be you.
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    Random Pics

    It's pretty backwards, but it you want to be able to service a car and keep it on the road a very long time you need to remove two things: Government and technology which doesn't directly make you go and stop. I could do it, for sure, but I have too many projects as it is. It is tempting...
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    Paging Bud W. - 1/25 Scale model kit

    Bud, thought you might want hook your eyeballs on this critter: Volare Wagon Model car body conversion
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    Random Pics

    I have nothing against these swaps or whatever you call them. I would like to do a swap of my own. I want to swap newer body onto older drive train, a "glider kit" for a car if you want to call it that. Take a newer Challenger or something that has a bad engine and gut all the technology and...
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    Warning about today's Gas and Carburated Cars.

    Run all the ethanol you guys want. I have had to repair anything and everything, and my hands and eyes tell me what I need to know. I don't run it and I'm happy that way. I see what it does to other people's stuff and what it used to do to mine. Call it anything you like. Buy all you want. Keep...
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    Random Pics

    There is just so much psychology in that advert! There are half a dozen elements that pop out at you and just make you want to grow a mullet and do burnouts
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    Lean Burn Conversion 101

    I kind of wish we could go back to safety inspections though. There is some really terrifying junk on the roads. Home made trailers, cars with no brakes, smashed in windshields, the scrappers with junk metal piled 15 feet high in trucks with none of it tied down. I rarely ever get behind a...
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    Random Pics

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    79 LeBaron Medallion - currently front brakes re-do.

    The red box stores and/or Ho chi-minium drama. Stick with MOPAR
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    Out with the Ford, in with the Dodge

    Good for you. Glad you gave it many more years of a good home. I don't like Chrysler's modern cars, but I would drive one of their trucks. I don't think I would drive a Ferd or General Malfunction made since 2004
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    79 LeBaron Medallion - currently front brakes re-do.

    I always like to keep my original calipers with my old cars. I toss those GOD awful plastic pistons in the trash and buy stainless pistons. Takes me no time to clean and bead blast the calipers and zinc plate them. By then, the new pistons have arrived and I can put them back on the car and...
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    Exhaust pipe removal

    Deepwell 6 point socket and some extensions and a wobble. Break them off, it's easy.
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    brakes catching and locking up when going downhill and throttle body replacement

    Just show some of these kids a distributor and watch the fun begin. If they can't hook to it via bluetooth, they won't touch your car unless you throw some unGodly ammount their way, and it won't end well
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    Warm start issues

    If you have to hold it to the floor to prevent flooding it sounds like it has a bunch of gasoline boiled over into it and you're using your foot to lean it out enough to keep it running.