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  1. 80 Aspen RT


    Congratulations on the win in Topeka. My home track !!
  2. 80 Aspen RT

    this is what i'm busy with

    Very cool !!!
  3. 80 Aspen RT

    Sad news

    I haven't been around for awhile and I'm just now seeing this. Too bad, Phil seemed like a great guy, RIP.
  4. 80 Aspen RT

    I'm Still Alive!

    Welcome back, hope things are going better for you now.
  5. 80 Aspen RT

    Volare racer

    Wow.....very cool !!!
  6. 80 Aspen RT

    Dirt Dobber

    We have those here in KS too, I've seen some bigger than those! I understand that you really have to piss them off for them to sting you. Personally, I'm not going to piss them The mud dobbers are nasty little bastards, grab the can of wasp spray when I see them !!!
  7. 80 Aspen RT

    Labor Day car show

    Thats a beautiful 80 !!!!
  8. 80 Aspen RT

    No....I'm Not Dead

    Welcome back Captain, we missed ya.
  9. 80 Aspen RT

    Carlisle 2017 photos

    Thanks for posting the pictures!!!
  10. 80 Aspen RT

    Introducing New Member: moparmarkk

    Hey moparmarkk....welcome to rhe site
  11. 80 Aspen RT

    Introducing New Member: BilMar

    And down the road from me......ok maybe a few
  12. 80 Aspen RT

    Introducing New Member: Cormac

    Very cool, sounds like a cool project.
  13. 80 Aspen RT

    Introducing New Member: 80duster

    Welcome to any pics?
  14. 80 Aspen RT

    Random Pics

    Man thats cool !!!
  15. 80 Aspen RT

    High speed Dog Curbing

    This woman dropped the bag on purpose??? Wow, that's a bunch of sh** ....literally.
  16. 80 Aspen RT

    The FMJ Weather Channel

    Nce here last few days, in the 80s. Storms tonight and possible severe ones romorrow.
  17. 80 Aspen RT

    1977 Dodge Aspen 2 Door Coupe Project

    VERY NICE!!!!!!!! I like it!!!
  18. 80 Aspen RT

    Not your typical '80 Volare

    Cool....I havenr seen that one before.
  19. 80 Aspen RT

    What makes a person do this?

    Wow.. thats terrible!!
  20. 80 Aspen RT

    A late winter car fix

    Lol.....except for rhe cold part of it, looks fun
  21. 80 Aspen RT

    The FMJ Weather Channel

    Super nice today, right around 70°. Tomorrow is supposed to be close to 90°!
  22. 80 Aspen RT

    I've entered the snake pit...

    You sound waaaay to nice and honest to be a car salesman....LOL
  23. 80 Aspen RT

    The FMJ Weather Channel

    All week long the wind has been blowing like crazy, steady at about 30mph and yesterday gusts were 52mph. Now there are wildfires all around KS. This is what the sun looked likebat 6:00pm.
  24. 80 Aspen RT

    Pictures from today.

    Very nice!!!
  25. 80 Aspen RT

    The FMJ Weather Channel

    Windy as hell here for the last 3 days, really getting tired of it. At least its decent temperature wise. Right now its like 61° at 9: 40!