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    Abandoned 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue “Project Daily”

    "title and plates $75". You suck. I'm in Illinois. A sticker to renew plates is $151 a year. More than a month over and add $20 no matter "why". My 01 Durango has sat since October with a dead tranny. Coincidentally that's the month my plates ran out. I'm about 2 weeks away from getting my...
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    7.25 to 8.25 Swap

    Over the years I had both an 85 and an 89 diplomats, police package cars. Both came from the factory with 8-1/4 and 2.94 gears That said I had to replace the 7-1/4 in my mom's 84 5th avenue original 7-1/4 equipped car. . And did a 7-1/4 to 8-1/4 on a 90 Dakota as well. In both cases the 8-1/4...
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    Grinding throw out bearing?

    Sounds like you went the wrong way with the adjustments, and also a bad throw out bearing besides
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    A-500 trans into 88 Diplomat.

    A couple of/6 forum guys here....
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    WANTED Sanden Style AC Bracket Wanted for Slant Six

    I've run into that setup before. I paid $500 for the whole truck (though I have a few times that in the replacement engine I built for it) I ain't looking to spend $500 in a bracket setup for an ac compressor. I'll keep looking, maybe I'll try to make something if I can't find it
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    WANTED Sanden Style AC Bracket Wanted for Slant Six

    if someone has a 2nd set I'm looking for the same.
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    Slant six to 318

    76 318 should not be lean burn. Only a few big blocks that year. 77 some 318# had it.but with the engine outa distributor and carb would be all that you'd need to change out to be rid of lean burn, your original car doesn't have it.
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    Super six step by step link

    hate to say it doesnt take much to "embarrass" the M body cars of that timeframe.
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    Super six step by step link

    If you have it don't even think of "not" using the 2 barrel
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    Slant Six Head Mill

    I would seriously doubt that your original engine as it left the factory is 8.4:1 compression. If you measure things out id bet you are closer to 7.5:1. Due to tolerance stack up and such. Even with the stock original shim steel head gasket which is half or less, of the installed thickness of...
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    Thermoquad on a 318?

    I have 2 either 1979 or 80, 360 truck TQ's, both same carb # as each other. Redone by Demon Sizzler, only reason IO sent em in was to have him rebush the throttle shafts but he played with jet sizing as I remember while he had them..... haven't looked at em in a while but as I remember the only...
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    Thermoquad on a 318?

    I've had vehicles from the factory with a 318 and TQ. Most notably my 1981 W150. I still miss that truck. Huge power from a 318 and unbelievable mileage. I love the 318 in general and if you have a tq that is set up right, you will love it.
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    FOR SALE F and J body clean out in chicago

    I don't know if it was this site (I haven't been here myself in a while) but I used to see the OP post "all the time" at one of the Mopar sites (this was longer ago than his last appearance here)
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    FOR SALE 1980 Aspen FG Hood with Aero Scoop

    I had some extra 76-79 front sheet metal, shorty Thompson bought from me some years ago and put on to a 2 door (forgot now whether his was a diplomat or a Lebaron) but I saw pix later, that car looked good with the f body front on the 2 door m body back half, fit right on there.
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    FOR SALE F and J body clean out in chicago

    You were at the Larry roesch swap meet right? I ask because much of what I see in the pix looks familiar. I stopped, we talked, I was looking for the super six stuff. And I bought a few things from you, like the blue horn pads. I haven't been on the site in some time, but we've talked on here...
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    Volare Fenders

    arrrgh/too far away
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    Volare Fenders

    where are you located?
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    seat belt question... retrofit from something else?

    Yeah I have extras of those pieces you mention (just enough for my Volare) but even with that in place on the Fury they are just too tight in normal driving, let alone a quick stop... the newer ones aren't like that... but "better" seat belts aren't enough reason to drive newer cars..... the...
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    8.25" wanted

    I know where there is an 8-1/4 with 2.76s (not mine)
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    seat belt question... retrofit from something else?

    I have some extra of those "plastic coated straps" they are teh same as what is in my 78 Fury Sport (B body) I didn't have my 80 Aspen long enough to get the chance to "worry" about that, but I have had several M bodies (83, 85, 89 plus the 84, 5th that my Mom had) and my Dad's 79 Aspen wagon...
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    seat belt question... retrofit from something else?

    yeah that's one idea/possibility but as long as I am dealing with a bare gutted shell, I gotta bolt "something" on when I reassemble the car, so now's the time to look around, ask and see what others may have done. It may well come to exactly what you suggest when all is said and done...
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    seat belt question... retrofit from something else?

    I have an 80 Volare 2 door. It is all apart at the moment, finally getting caught up enough that I can continue working on it once again. This certainly is not something I need "tomorrow" but I like to pick things up I need (or at least think I do) while the gettin is good. Now go ahead...
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    new here from South of Chicago

    dont know what you mean, I will just say that I have a ton in mind for this car all trapped in my mind, but have not been able to get any of them done on this car due to "life"/....
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    Miller Special Tools for Chrysler repair shops

    over 1/2 the time that special tool isn't really needed....