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  1. Autostocks

    anyone here ever been pulled over for "No seatbelt" before?

    My bad. When they first passed the seat belt law, that's the way it was. Must have changed somewhere along the line.
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    anyone here ever been pulled over for "No seatbelt" before?

    In Michigan you cannot be pulled over for a seatbelt infraction alone.
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    Carlisle Pa. Chrysler Nationals July 14-16 2023

    I will be there but the "malaise" Super Coupe will be staying home. Would be more adventure than I care to take on to drive it there, and I don't have a car trailer.
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    SOLD 1978 chrysler newport 9500.00 obo

    Super nice car. Gotta love the crank windows in a big Chrysler from that era!
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    Seat belt removal

    That is an excellent idea!
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    Seat belt removal

    So my seat belt replacement project is finished. Much more of a hassle than I expected, but it came out good. However I am missing one plastic cover that goes on the front belt buckle. Part #F405 MX9. Picture attached. Does anyone have one they're willing to sell?
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    How much are you asking? Can you post more pics?
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    78 Volare Station Wagon in Vermont 7k

    Wears well. And when you're not using the car, you can pull it out and hit golf balls off of it.
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    78 Volare Station Wagon in Vermont 7k

    Not bad. Would have to see the underside to know if $7k is a reasonable price. Coming from VT, I would be concerned. Should we read some meaning into the lemon print in the cargo area? :)
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    Imperial on BaT

    Sold for $17,750!
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    Crazy Seatbelt Interchange Question

    I had my front belts redone by a place called Safety Restore. It was an incredibly fast turnaround. IIRC, about $100 per belt. Mine were black but I believe you can request any color.
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    Imperial on BaT

    Nice Imperial for sale on BaT No Reserve: 1982 Chrysler Imperial
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    1976 Plymouth Volare Wagon Craigslist

    Understand what you are saying and you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I have had nothing but good experiences as both buyer and seller on BaT. I'd much rather buy a car that way than deal with the hysterics associated with a Mecum or B-J auction. Having said all that, yes, the...
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    1976 Plymouth Volare Wagon Craigslist

    Besides the Aspen you reference, there were three Volare wagons that sold in 2022 on BringATrailer for $7,800, $10,850, and $12,000. These were very, very nice cars. I agree, $6k for that is a joke. 1977 Plymouth Volare Premier Station Wagon No Reserve: 1978 Plymouth Volare Station Wagon No...
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    2023 Project Log - Lose Ends

    Mine is 30x40, not insulated. Not only is there the cost of insulating and the heater, but also the trauma of having to move everything out of the way to do it! o_O
  16. Autostocks

    2023 Project Log - Lose Ends

    Wish my barn was heated. I have to either take up a spot in the garage in the winter (garage is heated) or basically not be able to get anything done.
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    What is a supercoupe oem front spoiler worth

    Mine is in good condition other than being fairly badly warped. Does anyone know if warpage can be fixed, and how?
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    New toygher grilles for 78/79 volare

    Have thought that 3D printing would be a good solution for this, but never thought about scanning the entire grille. My grille is OK, although it does have a few broken "boxes." What I've had in the back of my mind is to replace some of the broken boxes with new 3D printed boxes. However, I...
  19. Autostocks

    Rear interior side panels for 76 Aspen

    Sure enough, three more fasteners hidden by the rear seat. Had to remove the sill plate, too, to remove the lower trim piece, which also has to come off to get the upper one off. Found something interesting when the seat came out. The back of the seat bottom is upholstered in green vinyl, while...
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    Rear interior side panels for 76 Aspen

    How are these panels removed? I've removed the screw in the center of the panel and the screw at the coat hook, loosened the screws on the moldings around the rear window and at the top of the front window openings. Seems like the panel should slide forward toward the door opening but I can't...
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    Just listed on eBay NOS TriBand Antennas - power and non... Userid Techexchange

    Did you ever find a part number? I have a non-functioning power antenna in my 78 Super Coupe. I have a parts manual and see the motor you reference for the New Yorker, but I don't see any part number for other models like Volare/Aspen.
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    F-body console lids

    Great news!
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    This is getting ridiculous

    You can always go to Costco or Sam's and buy the jumbo pack that will last you 3 years!
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    Hello! Happy to be here!

    That's a nice looking K car! I just call my collection of shit boxes "eclectic."