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    Grant 846 Tuff wheel

    Interesting, I will have to look that up.
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    Grant 846 Tuff wheel

    Hi all, Ordered this on Amazon: Grant 846 Classic Series Nostalgia 15 inch Black Foam Grip 3-Spoke Design with Horn Button Steering Wheel. 1. It is drilled to move over the horn ring from the original Tuff wheel. In my case it lined up and mounted correctly. 2. The mounting holes from wheel...
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    Runs great in park and neutral, falls on its face in drive or reverse while stopped

    If you think you have an ignition issue buy a non lean burn distributor and slap it in there. It will work on the 360 too. Disconnect the lean burn and set the timing at 10 degrees BTDC. Shouldn't take more then an hour to do. That will eliminate the ignition as the problem if it still...
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    faced with a new Y pipe, and wondering if I need new converters?

    Do you have emissions testing there? If not, pull the cats and get a dual exhaust setup. You could also pull the air pump which are notorious for seizing up.
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    Well This Sucks!!

    How much patience do you have? Get in there with an angle grinder and a carbide bit. Maybe 5 minutes a bolt.
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    Slant 6 Won't Start

    Pull that cap off and make sure the rotor is still good. I have had a couple times where a new rotor did not get the metal fire part clamped fully and you could move it with your finger. It will cause a problem. Does it sound like it is trying to start? Grab a spark plug and pull number 1...
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    76 Roadrunner progress.

    Last time I posted about this car I was trying to figure out why I had no headlights. Turns out that at some time the bulkhead connector and been separated. When put back together it was done crooked and damaged 3 of the contacts. I built bypasses and now headlights work and so does the dash...
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    Fuel mileage dropping

    Do you have a catalytic converter? If so remove it or hollow out and see if MPG improves. Go find a know 1 mile run. Mark odo and drive the 1 mile. See if odo is close. Is the choke opening all the way? What is the idle timing setting? Do you still have the vapor return system on the fuel...
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    77 or 78 FSM wiring diagram

    I have searched the forum and google all the internet. I have not found exactly what I need. A lot of stuff on the early style connector. Not so much on the 77 and up. :)
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    77 or 78 FSM wiring diagram

    Those are some help. But the issue is I want to change my 76 ignition switch (very similar to a 76 A body) to a 77 and up ignition switch. These are the ones that the connector is a half moon shape. The number of wires does not match LOL. Using a mish mash of my Haynes manual and a 76 FSM I...
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    77 or 78 FSM wiring diagram

    Need pics of the pages with the ignition switch and through firewall to starter relay. Thanks all!
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    cam shaft replace

    For the record I have run the flat tappet version on a stock converter and much worse gearing and it was fine. Thanks for digging up the roller equivalent. But you really shouldn't go much bigger.
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    Suspension parts?

    Get a dremal with a fiber glass cut of wheel. Make 2 cuts on opposite sides of the nut. Don't go all the way way through the nut but about 90ish%. Then get a metal chisel put in one of the slots you just cut and whack away with a heavy hammer. The nut will break. I might have a set available...
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    cam shaft replace

    Look at the specs for a Comp Cams XE268 and see if you can find a roller version. You can call Hughes Engines and they will probably have a cam shaft that will get you close. Xtreme Energy 224/230 Hydraulic Flat Cam for Chrysler 273-360 It would be a great street cam and you don't have to...
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    FOR SALE 1980 LeBaron for Sale, Interesting H code Car $1000 OBO

    I used an 80 LeBaron as a daily driver for a decade. If I was remotely close I would come get it. I loved that car as a driver!
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    What can we do to make things better?

    I have pointed numerous people here from the MANY Facebook groups for these cars. It is like many Facebook people have no idea what a forum is. They ask tons of questions that this board has the answer. I don't get it. I always prefer to check here before anywhere else. I am pretty...
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    1976 starter relay wiring.

    Thx Mike, this will work. I think I figured it out. They tried to convert to a manual setup and I think the extra wire is going to the clutch pedal switch. Which may be grounding out somewhere.
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    1976 starter relay wiring.

    That is a stunningly, nice looking firewall. Sadly mine does not look like that style. Mine still have has the post on top.
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    Progress, 1 step forward is 2 steps back.

    Don't get the aluminum one! We did a 70 Dart for a buddy of mine and tried 3. The rear brake port has the threads cut at an angle and the brake line will not seal properly. 2 were new production and the last one was over 15 years old and bought for a different project. Try the brass one!
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    1976 starter relay wiring.

    Can someone take a pic of the wires going to the starter relay on there 76? I have rodent chew mine up and I thought I reconnected them correctly but I tried to start it and smoked a wire some where. :P Also, if anyone has the wiring break down for the under hood harness on a 75 Volare that...
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    76 Aspen belt routing

    There no links showing in post 2 or 3 for me @MiradaMegacab.
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    76 Aspen belt routing

    Mike5thave is correct. You can bypass it. You may need to grind a little clearance on the water pump housing but it works fine. From another forum and post: "I did the job on my 1970 Fury 318 with AC a few years ago in 2014. You don't have to change brackets or pulleys. Not good looking, but...
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    Manual to power brake conversion

    You need the pedal converter that XfbodyX showed. But look into the K car booster conversion. Smaller and I find it more effective.
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    Jim’s Arizona parts

    Jim was a good dude. There was a period of time we swapped parts and cars some what regularly. Sad news.