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    Dec 7, 2013
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    I have a full set of 15" Mopar Rallye wheels, two being 7" wide and two at 8" wide. Backspacing is factory 4.25" in front, and 4.625" on the rears. These are lightly used reproduction wheels complete with '72-up "acorn" center caps and polished trim rings, all in excellent shape. One of the 7" wheels has very minor "sunburn" rust where the thin factory paint baked through; this would be an easy fix with a little sandpaper or Scotchbrite, primer, and MP's argent wheel paint. Heck, I might even do it for ya... I bore easily. Most of what you see in the pictures is actually dirt, not rust. The lug nuts are also included with the wheels.

    There are tires currently mounted to the wheels, all in very good condition. Fronts are P225/70R-15 and rears are P275/60R-15, all BFG Radial T/As. Treadwear is minimal and even, there are no signs of blown belts or sidewall/tread damage that I can find. No curb rash to the sidewalls, so obviously none to the trim rings either. These tires obviously have very few miles on them.

    Option pricing, depending on what you want:

    $500 firm for just the wheels w/the trim rings, center caps, and lug nuts. Shipping is extra w/no additional packing/handling fees; you pay what I pay. Expect $100+, though. I'm being honest about it up front. They're heavy.
    $675 firm for the wheel set with tires mounted. Shipping is out of the question. You're coming for a visit. We do not have a Greyhound terminal, so don't ask. Sorry--again, I'm being honest here. I might be able to get them 100 miles or so closer to you if you throw down a little extra for fuel. That's the closest I can come as far as shipping.
    $725 firm for the wheel set with tires dismounted. Wait, you say... why is it more? Because I don't own a tire machine so I'll have to pay to have the tires taken off the wheels for shipping purposes. That will cost me more than $25, I assure you You'll also have to pay to have them mounted & balanced on your end so take that into account. Shipping will be whatever it would be for the wheels, then you've got to add for the tires. Big bucks, I can assure you. Easily $150+, again actual.
    $250 firm for just the tires, actual shipping cost is extra. As is the case with any option, on-site pickup is welcomed.

    Parts are located in Kingsford, MI, approximately 100 miles north of Green Bay, WI. If you think "Detroit" when you think Michigan, you're off by 500 miles or so. :icon_biggrin: You are welcome to pick up any/all of this, or just swing by to inspect them yourself. If shipped, they may come from ZIP code 54121, where I work. They will arrive undamaged unless handled by a complete sociopath. Canadians: I love ya like brothers, but when it comes to shipping costs be prepared for a rusty pipe shoved into an uncomfortable orifice. It's the reality of international shipping from the US.

    - Under no circumstances will I divide up the wheel set or the tire set. I will not sell just the caps, or just the rims, just the rings, two of the tires, etc. Taking the tires off and selling them seperately (as a set) is as far as I'm willing to go. It's all or nothing so if there's stuff you don't need, you can sell it off to recoup some of your cost.
    - I won't sell any of the above options for the stated price and include shipping. Sorry.

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    I hear you on the shipping to Canuckland.....yeesh....