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    Early 1977 Plymouth Volare Wagon. It is equipped with a pre-lean burn 318 and A904 transmission. The car sat out in the elements for over 20 years. The body needs a lot of help, it does have rust issues. However, I'm convinced the mileage is original as it reads almost 95,000. I've done quite a bit of tune up work to this car and mechanically the engine is clean and runs perfect (kept up with all oil changes since I purchased it), same with the transmission (which I did a fluid and filter change about 4 months ago). I purchased the car about 18 months ago and it was about to rot back into the Earth. I have probably $4,000 in receipts that I've put into the car.

    Originally I had to replace the timing cover to get the car going. At that time I put a Melling double roller timing chain on it. I also installed a high volume 8 impeller water pump from Autozone. The car has maybe 4,000 miles on new 44,000 mile tires. I've replaced 90% of the brakes, only things not replaced are the rotors and calipers on the front. Rotors still seem to be in good shape. Calipers don't leak, but probably should be replaced soon as they are at minimum 20 years old. New carburetor, distributor, ignition module, ballast resistor, coil, wires, plugs, alternator, voltage regulator, and air pump. New sending unit and fuel gauge. New Magnaflow catalytic converter and muffler with 2.5" pipe to the rear. All emissions tubing has been replaced and the car does pass smog. New plates with tags good to June 2018. I have the pink slip.

    The car also comes with a Pioneer Bluetooth stereo, 2 front 3-1/2" and 2 6x9" speakers already installed. As well as a Bosch Tachometer. The car is equipped with AC. Everything appears to be there, but it doesn't work. Also included, is everything needed to install cruise control. A CC system I pulled off of a 77 Aspen. The Volare is in dire need of front-end work. It cruises around town just fine but has issues at freeway speeds. I have all of the parts to rebuild the front end. It would just be a matter of having a shop install everything. These parts I will add with the Volare for an additional $400. This includes Moog bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, links, idler arm and pitman arm. A new steering gear and torsion bar bushings would be included as well. Even a set of upper and lower control arms I pulled off a donor car, to make the install easier.

    This will be a great car for anyone who is willing to put the time into the body and interior. I just don't have the time or money with a new project going on. Despite how the car looks, I get inquiries about it on the street. It runs perfect and is a daily driver. I'd consider a trade for a 70's or 80's Dodge 4x4 Power Wagon, Ram, or Ramcharger, with or without a powertrain. If you are interested please feel free to message me.

    1977 Plymouth Volare Wagon
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