2020 Project Thread

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  1. Duke5A

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    Apr 6, 2018
    It's that time of year again for another project thread. Going to be a short list this year, but not cheap.

    • Finalize the disc brake upgrades
    • New custom fuel tank with in-tank pump
    • Redo the front of the motors cooling setup
    • Finish the exhaust

    Currently the car has rear disc using a Ford Explorer kit and the fronts are 11.75" drilled/slotted/plated rotors with factory calipers. I'm going to stick with the rotors and replace the calipers on the front with 4-piston units from Wilwood. Got the calipers and still need to get stainless flex hoses. I'm also going to take the opportunity to get rid of the power booster. My engine only pulls 13" of vacuum and the booster is nothing but a pain in the ass. Going manual brakes with a Baer master cylinder. Haven't done the math yet to figure out what piston bore diameter I need yet.

    20200104_151314.jpg 20200104_151339.jpg 20200104_151404.jpg

    It looks like this:


    If you followed my previous yearly project threads you'll remember I had a lot of issues with fuel sloshing in the tank after I fuel injected the car. Rather than retrofit the tank I'm going to have one made out of aluminum similar to those fuel cells you see on Summit. This way I'll gain enough clearance on the sides to run 3" exhaust pipes.

    The cooling setup on the front of the motor needs to change. I originally used a passenger side inlet water housing so I could reuse my small block radiator. This worked, but it makes for a real pain in the ass trying to set the timing. I'll figure something out plumbing wise so I don't have to replace the radiator.

    The exhaust still has 2.5" pipes and it's choking the motor. 40 wheel HP lost on the dyno through it. It's getting 3" pipes all the way back after the tank is done and I'll have my electric cutouts installed at the same time.

    More to come!
  2. Aspen500

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    Feb 14, 2015
    Rib Mountain (Wausau) WI
    In my car's previous life, I had a drivers side pump housing and pass side radiator. Went to the store and eyeballed molded hoses and got a couple to cut that would work. Then, ran a stainless tube across, right above the t-bars. It worked for the time. Now I've got pass side housing and you're right about the timing but everything's a compromise, right? :D