/6 Super Six setup Propane EU

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  1. SixBanger

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    Jul 31, 2018
    The Netherlands
    A super six setup for maybe someone in the EU. Incl. carb, airfilter, propane intake.

    ≥ Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Slant 6 Super Six setup! - Motor en Toebehoren - Marktplaats.nl


    "Super rare Super Six complete equipment!
    To get more PKs from your Slant Six, including the air filter housing. 2-bbl carburetor, new LPG mixing fitting for this carb.
    Exhaust manifold is NOT torn and therefore perfect.
    The intake manifold lacks a bit, you can close this in various ways.
    All in 1 sale!
    So don't mail for just the exhaust manifold ...

    For parts in stock for Slant 6!
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