77-79 M Front and rear window glass-$50 a set TAUNTON MA.

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    Aug 17, 2011
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    Bit of a odd/bad ad, but bottom line he has glass for 77-79 M's for $50 for the pair.
    That's cheap, if one is close.
    I see no pics, so is it for 2 or 4 dr?
    The windshield will work on a F, all depends on how may doors the glass is made for.

    I doubt you can get these new ,they are antiqu now. I have lost my storage and no longer will have a safe place to store these after 30 + years. I have Chrysler Lebaron/Dodge Diplomat Front and rear window glass. The rear has the heating element. This will fit all 77 to 79 . They may also fit other years but check it out yourself first. No pictures as they are stored in the beams of a shed so come and help me take them down. I am pricing these at a giveaway price so they don't end up in the dump. Buy them for just in case knowing you will have them if you need them or sell them on the auction site and get rich.Google them to see how many you come up with. Take both $50 for both pieces