FOR SALE 78-79 Volare grill...a fixer-upper

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    Jun 19, 2011
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    got a hole in the front of your 78-9 Volare you need to fill?
    handy with a dremel and glue?:D

    2 pieces fit together well...extra end is for repair pieces.
    main box structure in very good shape, just a couple smaller cracks(pictured)
    both reflectors look very good, will need 1 lense

    $320 (crate included) plus shipping
    paypal, moneyorder, krugerrands, loonies, greenbacks... all good.
    shipping from phoenix, az...or come by and pick it up!

    (this is the nicest most complete one I have left)

    100_3166.jpg 100_3167.jpg 100_3168.jpg 100_3170.jpg 100_3171.jpg 100_3172.jpg
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