FOR SALE 85 Diplomat 318

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Mr Shine

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May 1, 2020
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Fredericksburg Tx
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South Texas, 90 miles north of San Antonio. Fredericksburg, TX

$2800 OBO

1985 Dodge Diplomat SE 4 door. 318 Roller cam/904 lockup. Edelbrock Thunderer 4bbl with manual choke, factory spreadbore intake, Lunati .448? cam, early 90's truck exhaust manifolds, dual exhaust with cherry bombs, part of the exhaust needs finished, sections are flex pipe. Has 2 factory tailpipes running side by side. MSD 6A ignition box, factory distributor, new fuel tank and sender. Transmission has a shift kit installed, deep 518 pan. Stock rear gears (2.76?).

Soft top has been stripped off, has a ding on driver's side roof. Interior is dark blue, great shape, no rips. The usual interior door light lenses are disintegrated.
Right rear quarter was dented, most of it was pushed back out but still has minor dings. Pass side front door as a ding from children running into it with a bicycle, easy fix I think.
NO RUST, car is solid. Most of the chrome trim has been stripped off. Lean burn is long gone, A/C too. I think the heater core may need replaced, never hooked it up. Has a vacuum leak at the heater controls. Wheels are from a Grand Marquis, have front center caps, but they will need to be modified to fit. Tires are ok, wouldn't take on a trip.

Carb has a off idle stumble, hesitates when kicking it down. Once the 4bbl kicks in, it starts rockin. Because of the deep pan on the tranny, it has a minor leak. Have the shallow pan to go back on it. Needs some tuning, tweaking and TLC, I just dont have time for it anymore. Its not a road rocket with the factory rear gears, but it sounds good and with some new gears...who knows.


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