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Transmissions and Rear Ends

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    Feb 14, 2015
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    Your pressures are good, even if they are a little "out of spec". Either way, it indicated the valve body and all the internal hydraulic circuits are good and not leaking. It does leave one thing, the converter. It almost has to be.
    In your video, it sounds like a mechanical noise and in park the only moving part is the TC and the pump.
    This reminds me of back when I worked at the Ford dealer and did most of the automatic transmissions. Every so often I'd get one that testing showed would have to come apart and you had an good idea of where to look first, once inside. I'd get it apart and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,could find absolutely nothing wrong. Son of a...."It should work". It's frustrating, isn't it?
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    Mar 4, 2012
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    It sounds like the torque convertor and the quantity of metal in pan also points to the converter.

    When you install the torque converter correctly, it will be about ½” (13 mm) away from flexplate. You must make sure all three items are splined correctly, or you will (not an if, but a will) break things if not converter is not installed correctly upon installation. Sliding back out a bit to attach to flexplate, won’t hurt anything.

    The free play inside of transmission is not an issue (in your case). The big thing is if specs do not match after repaired than before the repairs then something got left out or something came out of place. It is more of a preventive measure to find “a mistake” than after it is reinstalled into car. Measuring before/after has saved "my behind" many times.

    Chrysler automatic transmissions do not have that much internal movement fore/aft when in operation. Even if it did have, it wouldn’t affect the converter one bit.

    Torque converters do fail. Even if they are not the cause of failure, I still recommend getting it cleaned and inspected before re-installed. They will catch a problem with one if there happens to have an internal problem. The problem with converters is you just can’t see inside of one. Everything else inside of the transmission can be taken apart, looked at, rebuilt, etc. but the converter – not so much.
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    Jul 31, 2018
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    Okay. Saturday I will remove the transmission and get the converter to a specialist. He would look at it / rebuild needed parts. Fortunately there are some shops around here that has knowledge of older usa car transmissions.

    Double check when installing the converter back in the transmission then.

    Yes it is. But, if you can't change anything about it right now, just be patient. It is certainly nice to know that I have found the cause as good as possible.