Engine dies - weak spark ?

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    May 5, 2017
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    Hi Bud - great to have you chipping in :)
    The car originally had A/C. I removed it early on because A- It didn´t work B- It gave better access to the engine C- It´s not really needed in cold Denmark.
    So I think the heater hose bracket you are talking about is the one on the picture that was originally mounted on the A/C compressor. Thats why I re-routed one of the heater hoses to go straight over the engine and into the firewall. Maybe this is a bad place for it to be ?

    I also wondered why the choke rod was bent, so I recently replaced it with a new (straight) one from Standard/Rockauto. I had to grind a bit off the manifold inside the spring housing because the spring is mounted slightly different than the old one.

    About the carb and the vacuum.
    I cannot be sure the carb is the original carb fitted to the car, but I have no reason to suspect it is not. It has only done 51K Miles.
    I had a lean-burn deletion done by an authorized shop that specializes in US cars; mostly Mopars, and they adjusted the carb . They also seem to be aware of the problem with the vacuum advance port. So now I´m a bit confused :
    AJ says :
    The shop has put the vacuum advance hose on the front of the carb (green arrow), and you say it belongs on the side where the port is currently blocked off.
    I will try moving the hose to the port you suggested, but can you understand I´m a bit confused at this point :)


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    Mar 4, 2012
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    In your case, I can understand the A/C removal. Hopefully you saved all the old parts – in case the next owner wants to convert back.

    Any interference (or possible interference) of the throttle cable and/or kickdown linkage always ends up with bad consequences. I do agree with AJ/FormS that heater hose(s) need to be far away from where it is currently located at. Hopefully my pictures are helpful.

    I do believe your current Holley 2280 is for/from a computer-controlled spark (ignition only) system, because of an additional gold colored bracket at Passenger Front lower corner of carburetor. There was a throttle position sensor located there, that was removed (except for its bracket). I would agree with AJ/FormS that computer-controlled cars didn’t have the nipple/port for vacuum advance (only a very small percentage did, but those are RARE). That said, many of the factory replacement carburetors did have the port/nipple present so one replacement part would fit many cars. I believe your carburetor is a factory replacement carburetor (sold after ’84, after Carter carburetor went bankrupt) that was made to fit either computer-controlled or non-computer-controlled cars – but either way it is not worth arguing about.
    All 318 2-bbl carburetors (that have vacuum advance) has the vacuum port at the location indicated in my picture, regardless if it was a Carter BBD, Holley 2280, Bendix/Stromberg WW3 or a Rochester 2GV (the last two were not used on FMJ’s). 4-bbls and 2-bbls used on other Chrysler engines will differ on the site of port.

    Another thing to look at, Chrysler vacuum advances uses vacuum from the venturi (vacuum only when enough air flow is through the venturi). The vacuum port you have listed would be manifold vacuum (at base of carburetor) so this would have vacuum full time (except when under power).

    I do not recall ever seeing a bracket that looks like this one, before (top arrow). I can’t see what the bottom arrow is pointing at to comment about it.
    Normally Chrysler routes the heater hoses above the metal fuel line, but i wouldn't worry about changing it.

    Chrysler used one or two aluminum tie straps to hold the heater hoses onto the fender brace. Zip ties will work as well.
    If interested in getting replacement aluminum hose straps:
    Alum hose strap.jpg
    Fits Aluminum Heater Hose Strap Charger Roadrunner GTX Coronet Belvedere New | eBay
    Bill Rolik Enterprises - N.O.S., Reproduction, and Replacement Chrysler Parts
    They are helpful but not required. Zip ties has a tendency to hurt me when working in some areas of the car.