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  1. No Rust Please

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    Jun 7, 2017
    Truro NS Canada
    I'm new to F bodies (life long B body guy) although we had a 76 Aspen SE wagon when I first got my licence in 77.
    My questions are about 76 F bodies. I have found a local 4 dr Volare that the owner claims is low mileage and rust free. He had it painted Caterpillar yellow which I think is why he hasn't sold it yet. I would like to clone it to a cop car.
    Does anyone know what size wheels and tires are a good fit for this? Would 15x7 wheels fit? What tire size without looking to large; and are sway bars hard to find for these cars now? thanks!
  2. old yellow 78

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    Aug 28, 2015
    near Allentown, PA
    Hummm. Just a thought, but have you thought about "cloning" it into a taxi instead? It would save the cost of a paint job, and I think it would be quite interesting and attract a lot of attention particularly if you take it to shows.
  3. BudW

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    Mar 4, 2012
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    I know more about M-body police, than F-body police cars.

    The M-body police did use the 6 oval hole 15x7 police wheels you are might already be familiar with, with dog dish caps.

    I suspect the F-bodies did as well – but most of all F-bodies use 14” wheels.

    There is no problem, at all, using the 15x7” police wheels on F-bodies – other than making sure speedometer drive gear difference - if overall tire height changes.

    There are quite of few members here using the same wheels on their F-bodies.
    I will be as well, once I find a decent set of wheels, on my ’77 wagon.

    On Tire sizes, I would read up in “Chassis, Suspension and wheels” section.

    On sway bars, most manufactures quit making sway bars for FMJ cars, a few years back. They can be obtained – but not readily available.

    That said, FFI does make a lot of suspension goodies for our cars, still. http://www.firmfeel.com/fmj_body_mopar_front_sway_bar.html

    One of items that make the biggest change is to remove the rubber biscuits that attach K-frame to body, using solid mounts (Chrysler iron, FFI aluminum or polyurethane made by ?). Removing the rear differential Iso-clamp also makes a difference.

    I recommend to make changes to tires and mounts first, then re-test before considering sway bars.
  4. LSM360

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    Nov 28, 2011
    Melbourne, Florida
    Wow, digging up an old one but I just saw this. Wonder if you ever got this car. Best thing for rear sway bar addition would be to find the rear from an M body as they were produced all the way up to 1989 and will swap right in taking the hangers and leafs too! Then you have the larger 8.25, larger brakes, more leafs, sway bar and plates with the end link mounts that you'd need. You can find the larger front sway bar that the Police F and M had from aftermarket or get from same car you pull a rear from.

    I had the stock 15x7 slotted Police wheels on my Aspen A38 with 235/70's and it looked perfect. Not too big or out of place! I believe stock was 205/15.

    Clone a Taxi? Ew, why? LOL