SOLD For Sale - 1980 Dodge Mirada - One of the Last Good Looking Rear Wheel Drive Dodge Cars

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Jul 25, 2021
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East Tawas, Michigan
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This car only has 78,000 original miles. The interior is in great shape, the dash is not cracked and the carpet, door panels, armrest, headliner are all good for 42 year old car. Radio was removed and is not working, but it comes with 4 more radios! Also comes with a few new emblems and misc used parts. The car is a base 225 Slant Six engine car, drives and stops just like it should. Most body panels are good and someone repainted and did a crappy job of it.

The three pieces making up the quarter panel extensions are shot just like most of them are, but I have a set of brand new fiberglass replacements to go with the car.
It needs the lower quarter panels redone with fiberglass - the original owner just used bondo and it's started bubbling.

It has the most desirable aluminum wheels that existed then and they are in great shape, including the center caps. It has a new set of Super Cobra Radial GT Tires that are 235 x 60 R15, with all the tread present.

I am selling this because before I got started on the restoration of this one, another car I've been trying to buy finally came my way. More pictures available on request.

Drive and Enjoy while you're working on it and it up to you whether to leave the Slant/6 or drop in a V-8 if that's your car of choice. Gas prices might warrant waiting on a V-8!

It's a deal at $2700.00. Let me know if you have any questions! 1980 Mirada (4).jpg1980 Mirada (2).jpg1980 Mirada (3).jpg

1980 Mirada (5).jpg

1980 Marada (26).jpg

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