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    Nov 6, 2011
    A Dirty Little Town in NW Oregon
    I was messing around at FBBO today and came across a post I made from 2014 or 2015 that had a link to my old Photobucket account and, HOLY COW! IT WORKED!
    So I found a couple of old shots of my 76 Cordoba's gauge panel and what I did w it. Nothing ground-breaking... just some hammertone copper paint, a little airbrushed "patina", and a silver paint pen to highlight. The 70s wood steering wheel was given to me by a friend who expected me to use it as garage-wall art... I installed it and LOVED it (even tho it was all wrong, the dish was too deep) IMAG0295.jpg This shot is of the 2-gauge panel that I hogged-out and put in mechanical oil and water gauges. The toggle switch extensions are from a big rig trucker supply store. They're chromed plastic but if you scuff em a little some of the underlying copper plating shows... IMAG0291.jpg
    The SW fuel and vac gauge and the a/f meter are in an aluminum block-off panel that I made for the radio opening. I happen to consider a vacuum gauge a much more relevant gauge than a voltmeter or ammeter and always install one... somewhere. The a/f (stoichiometric) reader requires an O2 sensor be installed to work, but it's a fantastic tuning tool.

    BTW... the wing nuts were purely asthetics. I was originally shooting for a vintage road-racer/warbird vibe on a budget... hence the unecessarily large switchgear and lights, big mechanical gauges, allen head bolts (black oxide that immediately rusted to the same color as the "patina'd" copper paint... not planned), etc.
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