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  1. randomguy

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    Apr 6, 2015
    So, I was talking with a mechanic friend last night online and he told me he liked the M-Bodies better than the R-Bodies because he stated they had better quality compared to the R-Bodies. From what I see, I don't see a huge variation thus far but looking at that the M-Body is an improved version of the original F-Body. Anyways, just wondering what your thoughts are in regards to that?

    The other thing, that I'm kind of debating is should I buy a low mileage car or would it be better to buy a higher mileage car that has been maintained? I know if these cars sit there is some issue but, I'm wondering if the issues start popping up from use or very little use per say? Anyways, just more to add to my debate here.
  2. Dr Lebaron

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    Aug 17, 2011
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    Problem with R's, is body parts and non interchangeable parts are real tough to find.
    Going to have a parts book for any chance.
    And the aluminum bumpers tend to peel

    The 80-89 M's, there are lots of parts, except wheel well mouldings, but they still can be had.