Nice write up on barn finds!


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Aug 9, 2020
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Revloc, PA
I'm noticing a few issues under the hood. There is an empty bracket where an A/C compressor usually resides. There is also an aluminum block on the bulkhead under the washer fluid reservoir where A/C hoses would have connected. I believe there is a missing smog pump also sharing the bracket and taped off pipe. The alternator has a double pulley but only one belt - probably related to missing A/C compressor and/or smog pump

I see wire nuts on wiring to a module on the bulkhead behind the washer fluid reservoir. What happened there?

I think the fuel filter has been relocated, maybe for convenience but may cause vapor lock issues there, and far too many possible leak points over the exhaust manifold for my comfort.

The vacuum port on the brake booster is the type for a cruise control but I see not cruise control module nor the port blocked off, does this thing even idle?

Why is the air cleaner cover so clean, but the canister dirty. Valve cover is clean as well. Why?

I do wonder if it is a two-barrel super six or a one-barrel.