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  1. Liam Klassen

    Liam Klassen New Member

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    Jan 11, 2021
    Saskatoon Saskatchewan
    I have a 1981 Chrysler Cordoba with manual windows and I was wondering if the power window set up from an imperial would fit for the Cordoba.
  2. BudW

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    Mar 4, 2012
    Oklahoma City
    The J-body cars (Cordoba, Mirada and Imperial) all use the same window regulator and door glasses.
    The glass is the same (L&R, tint or clear). The window regulators are not.

    I used to work for a Dodge dealer (a long time ago) and have converted a lot of these cars from manual to power windows. It is not a simple job.

    The doors panels n guts, dash, kick panels and sometimes carpet needs to be removed.
    The biggest part of the change over is having all of the parts there (and available) and to install the wiring harness. The rest is not too bad.

    A person will need access to a parts car before considering this change. If you have that and a FSM (Factory Service Manual), then go for it.

    Note: I'm pretty sure the wiring harness and window regulators are a J-body only item. The window motors are a lot more common item.