PST's New Years Resolution


Jan 4, 2012
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I would like to just take some time to introduce myself here on the forums. My name is James, I am the new Marketing Supervisor at PST. I have been employed with PST going on three years. . I started out at PST as one of their techs in their customer service department. My background is mainly in antique car restoration from the body work to the mechanical. I have also spent 5 years working with a drag team, running the Pro Mod Outlaw Class. Basically, anything with 4 wheels and a GAS engine has been a passion of mine. At the present time the closest car that I own to a Mopar is AMC Rambler American. That may not always be the case
Now that we have reestablished a connection with you guys I would like to keep up to date with the forum as much as possible. We are here to answer any or all questions about our products and service. My goal in the near future is to pack our section full with useful tips, new products, and special discounts for members of the forum

James From
PST Marketing Supervisor