WANTED Trade 440 for F body


Dec 20, 2013
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So spring's here and I'd like to have an operable car this summer if I can. So I'm looking to trade a fresh performance 440 shortblock, maybe entire engine for a registered and operational '65-76 A body or F body. Prefer 2dr V8, but open to whatever you might have. Must be driveable or need minor repairs to be that way, and be perfect and solid in the floors, roof, cowl, inner fenders, and subframes. Please no basket cases or complete rust outs - I already have enough of those...lol.
I am offering a '78 440 block, +.030, KB hyper quench domes, Speed Pro rings, LY rods w/ARP bolts, forged crank (internally competition balanced), Clevite bearings, Crane hydraulic cam, Cloyes timing set. Have all new oiling system, windage tray, and new pan for it. The block was fully machined: align honed, square decked to leave pistons .015 in the hole, plate honed. It's bare iron now. This was for one of my cars that's years away from needing it. I'm also willing to trade labor on mechanicals, rust repair, or body/paint on your other projects. 440 can be assembled as complete if needed to compelte the trade. I would put a value of $4K to duplicate the shortblock with parts as listed. Not looking to travel beyond 300 miles from 06237. Please have clear pics of what you have.






440 6.JPG