Weeping freeze plug

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  1. 8d5 AHB

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    Sep 26, 2012
    Was driving my "Refrigerator" around and it decided to start steaming off the right side of the car. Took it to my buddy's shop, got it on the lift and -sho 'nuff- I had a peeing plug. Unfortunately, it is the far forward plug, which means I either put in an "Easy, sleazy" expando plug or pull the powertrain.
    Since I have automotive OCD, if I am going that far, I'm thinking of throwing in one of my 340's with a decent build or my '90-vinatage roller-cammed 360. I am leaning 340 for the simple fact it is internally balanced and the one motor if it grenades after two years, I really don't care. I'd put it together fine, it's just that it's + 0.040", I got it for nothing, and you can't do much more with the block now. I'd build a nice combo plant (Comp Xtreme 268, Performer RPM, standard electronic ignition & good 4-bbl. Slap on some TBC headers, duals, and call it fun)

    ..or may have to go the sleazy route, LOL
  2. My imp

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    Oct 14, 2012
    Brunswick, Ohio
    OTC (Overpriced Tool Corp.) makes a cradle that you can suspend the engine from, remove mount, bracket, & whatever else is in the way. Pull the offending plug, & there's a special tool set for freeze plugs that swivels. Perhaps that'll enable you to change it. Are you positive it's the plug, & not a cracked block? Goodson makes a portable magna-flux machine that's made of magnets. Doesn't require a power source, & fits in tight places. I check blocks, heads, & ferrous castings at swap meets. Not everyone's on the up & up, or they don't know they're trying to sell you cracked castings. Sounds perfect for your situation. Those rubber expandables are a hit or miss solution. I don't know if I'd install one in the middle of winter. If it should pop out during the summer; it's an inconvenience. If if it pops out in the middle of winter, it could be downright dangerous! Hope this helps, Larry