My 81 Frank Sintra One Of 50ish Sun Roof Cars

One of approximately 50 built Frank Sinatra's with factory sun roof and still factory injected.

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Have owned this 81 Frank with sun roof and factory injction for about seven years, have had many 81-83 Imps since my first in 1988, My friend has owned it for 26 years now and its still injected! My current Frank was not running when I bought it 2012, lucky I had spare fuel injection parts! Stripped the paint off and base clear coated in my old horse barn shop! This has got to be the rarest Imp from the three years 81-83, they only made 158 81 Franks with approximately 50 with the one year only available sun roof!


A buddy of mine has same color, sunroof 81 !! . . .been parked for years - cause at 19k miles, the fuel injection failed . . . so has been sitting waiting for someone to get it running again !!! . . . not sure if it is an easy enough fix or not. . . . Imperial club have information on it ??

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