Carrie the Caravelle

1978 PLymouth Caravelle

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Bought on eBay and shipped from west Canada. The fun part was tagging her in MD vehicle id numbers are a bit different there BH means High dollar Plymouth Caravelle here it means high dollar Plymouth Barracuda. Had to show him pictures to show him the car. now all I have to do is get the soot out of the paint. They brought it down from Canada during the forest fires in Washington state and Canada on an open trailer than a closed trailer here. Hade a lot of work that had to be done brake booster lines wires cap rotor all weather stripping along with shocks front and rear still need to fix drivers door adj and window reg. I also need to ac the girl when I get more gidas/money But for now, I just get in after a lot of work and just tool around and smile. image000000.jpgs-l1600.jpg


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