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"The Brown Car"

Lovingly referred to as "the Brown Car" because it's well.. brown. Last year of the Rear wheel drive Plymouth model cars in Canada. This is a 1989 Plymouth Caravelle (not the little FWD version) with a full vinyl top.

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Hi Everyone, I was raised in Fords by my parents, but my brother converted me to Mopar in his 1973 Newport and then 1970's 300's one of them being a Hurst Model. Have since owned many a Mopar starting with a 1971 Demon, then a 1978 Dodge Magnum and a 1977 Dodge D100 Warlock, all before I turned 20..lol. Now that I'm older, I like the older cop car styles of Mopars and since there were many produced, and V8's in most, I really love this body style. Have owned a 1979 Lebaron, and a 1983 Fifth - but sold that fifth so I could have this Caravelle. Plan is to turn it into a quasi replica undercover car. Might be more of a figment of my imagination than a real car, but here's to trying anyway.

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