6.1 Hemi Harmonic Damper Removal and how do you put it back on?

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  1. Bruceynz

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    Jan 10, 2015
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    Hi Guys,

    I finally got the harmonic damper off the 6.1 hemi, what a mission! I used a normal pulla with a couple of big washers jammed in behind the balancer, worked well just a lot of dicking around. Since the engine is internally balanced I assume it can go on any place when I put it back on? (I don't see any timing marks on it)

    Yeah I know the bolts are on an angle, I wanted it to pull straight, Since both on similar angles I thought bugger it, lets give it a go!

    If you say to me why did you not use the proper tool, well the home of hemi is 6000 plus miles away!



  2. Aspen500

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    Feb 14, 2015
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    These are the tools you need to remove and install that type of balancer. The tools 3 arms hook behind the center hub of the pulley, and the rod (which ever one you need) pushes against the BACK of the threaded hole in the crankshaft. Same puller works on Mopar and GM, among others. The installers are more make specific. They do make universal kits with adapters to install balancers multiple makes, new and old.

    DODGE 6.4L/392 Harmonic Balancer Puller and Installation Tools

    It can go on any way since they're not keyed. You only need to be sure the flats engage the oil pump. Easy to do since they pump engages before you need to start pressing it on with the installer tool. A BFH (Big F****** Hammer) is not an installation tool:eek:
  3. BudW

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    Mar 4, 2012
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    This is how most balancer installer kits look (once its set up). You might be able to make one for less money, maybe.
    Balancer Install.png
    Gray = Crankshaft
    Blue = Balancer
    Black is a threaded stud or a long bolt
    Green is a nut
    Purple is either a thick flat washer or a bearing. Most installer kits will come with a bearing. I would just get a thick washer and smear a dab of grease on it and have at it – if I couldn’t find an installer kit around you.

    I have this installer kit sense I have done these often.
    For the person who might do this once in their lifetime, there is no need to purchase a kit. Around here, you can rent a balancer removal/installer tool – which is nice, but not sure that is the same down South.

    Edit: pay no attention to the thread direction. I have it backwards, it appears (sigh).