I want the MyGig!


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Nov 22, 2011
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Northern Illinois
I looked into the MyGig a long time ago and decided it was going to be too big of a project. I'm not a fan of aftermarket radios as they never look right. Mopar stereos from 1975 to (about) 1992 will fit. The all use the same two mounting tabs, so they slide right in. I added an under-seat subwoofer - which worked exceedingly well! As far as rear-deck speakers, I went to the local pick-and-pull and pulled (2) 6X9's (from what, I can't remember. Something new-ish.) Modern car stereos are WAY better than they were in the 80's, and so are the speakers. The junk yards pretty much give them away. As for mounting, I (for real!) just used a couple of drywall screws and attached them to the rear deck, covering the original speaker holes as best as I could. As far as the head unit goes, yeah; lots of options on eBay were people add either aux-in jacks or bluetooth. I added XM radio to mine.

Here's a video of my install:

- Adam -


Sep 17, 2021
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I decided to go easy on the radio so I could play around with different options to see what works best. The advice that 5th Avenue radio placement isn’t optimal for screens/touch controls was good— anything new will likely be remote-mounted in the overhead console.

I’ve got that down to add these toys— an LED halo and some lighting controls— so I’m restoring the posts and headliner periphery along with that for the time being.

Painted the little single DIN with some chrome paint to help it blend in with the opulent theme

There are stand-alone carplay units and rear-view mirrors— I’m thinking I’ll pull power at the console and play with those.

Thanks y’all!