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    Apr 22, 2012
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    * Indy LA-X cast iron heads - NEW, virgin, bare.

    * Stainless 1.92" in. 6024-8 / 1.625" ex. 6026-8 new valve set. (Magnum style valves +.100")
    Not available from Comp Cams anymore.

    $750/pair heads bare
    $850/pair heads w/valves

    + shipping from Florida 32117

    PM for more info.

    These heads were 2+ tenths faster in the 1/4 mile on my combo over similar prepped (no porting) OEM 587 J-type heads w/1.88"/1.60" valves on a 360. LA-X chambers were about 5cc smaller. Swapped on same short block.

    Hope to be at the Mopar Southern Nationals in Adel, GA Aug. 17 - 19 (South Georgia Motorsports Park) and can bring stuff to save on shipping. But I'll be there mainly to race, so I won't be bringing a lot to sell unless I have interest in any particular items.

    Indy LA-X heads 002.JPG

    Indy LA-X heads 003.JPG

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