1983 Mirada

  • Used the car to get married a LONG LONG time ago. The girl came from a Ford family, and drove an Oldsmobile when we meet, yet she still married me. A quality girl! (pretty too, still is. Has the nicest green eyes with brown rings around them) mirada snip.PNG mirada snip.PNG Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg Mirada.jpg mirada snip.PNG Mirada.jpg mirada snip.PNG Mirada.jpg


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  1. Billy007
    The wheels are Keystones if I recall correctly, of course, I put them on 30 years ago, so I might be mistaken. I liked them as I noticed they were similar to some period wheels I saw on some Shelby Chargers at Trail Dodge in St. Paul, Minnesota. Liked them a lot, much better then the wheel covers I removed. The spinners were extra, reminded me of the early sixty Dodge wheel covers. Tried to get factory wheels but at the time (1987) they were ridiculously priced and the one set I found in a salvage yard was almost as much. I was going to put a set of Magnum 500s on them that had once been on my 70 Plymouth Satellite, but some jerk stole them from my garage, of course, in those days, they were only 14 inches where I needed 15, so prob a bad idea anyhow. I have toyed with the idea of getting new all chrome 15 inch Magnum 500s, what do you guys think? Of course, these are paid for.
    1. Mr Volare Imperial
      10-spoke alloys from a like-Mirada are pictured online somewhere on an 81-83 Imperial and they look great. Alloys keep the unsprung weight down, too. If you ever run tire chains, you'd want a set of 14'' wheels/tires for clearance, but then you'd want something disposable like a 1990 or newer model :)
      Mr Volare Imperial, Feb 27, 2017
  2. Intrepolicious
    Very nice! From the rear end they look just like a 'Doba!
  3. Mr Volare Imperial
    Nice all the way around! Do you know the stats on those wheels (Centerlines?)? They're a good look for a good looking car. :)
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    1. moonroof mirada
      they are 17 inch rev classic 100 wheels on ebay for 629.00 dollars for set of 4
      moonroof mirada, Mar 6, 2017
  4. Billy007
    Got crazy with the repeats again, getting to be a habit with me...these new fangled computers are too tough for an old geezer like me!