1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

  • Check out the 1.75'' lift the KYB shocks gave the back end. 235/75R15 on 7'' OEM Dodge truck turbine alloys, Calif emissions, leather, stock wire wheel caps & no sunroof, has overhead console and cassette deck, KYBs in back. 20170528_200425.jpg 20170528_200401.jpg 20170528_200352.jpg 20170528_200344.jpg 20170528_200342.jpg 20170528_200336.jpg 20170528_200312.jpg 20170528_200250.jpg 20170528_200240.jpg


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  1. JLN5thAve
    Looks good! Nice to see the stock wire rims still around.. I lost mine, and boy are the expensive to replace. Opera lights still work?

    Have to look at the tires I run on mine.. They are old but I remember I got an other-than-spec size, but really made a difference on the handling, ride and even the look of the car.
  2. Mr Volare Imperial
    New KYB shocks in back gave a 1.5-1.75 inch lift. They are gas charged, the old Monroes were not.
  3. Mr Volare Imperial
    235/75-15 is a size too big. Some interference at front wheel well on full lock turn.
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