Jade - 79 Lebaron

New to me in March 2021.

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Husband bought this for me for my Birthday this year.
Still hunting for that dark green, 1977 Cordoba with floor shift .... however ...

Meet Jade, my 1979 Chrysler LeBaron mediallion two-door coupe (yes it is green).

Came with a wonky driver side lock, mystery oil leak in the engine and dicey rubber/suspension in the front and in need of a repaint.

No major rust, inside is wonderful (hanging headliner), and runs well so far.


That's a beauty! Interior looks beautiful, and paint is a lot easier to deal with than rust. I really like the color. Some smallish things to do, but overall an excellent car that wouldn't take much to make outstanding! Dr. LeBaron would approve I'm sure. I actually prefer the two door LeBarons to the Cordobas. But, I wouldn't refuse a Cordoba in the same condition either. Congratulations!
JW, I knew you were the right person to sell the Medallion to.
Glad to see Jade is getting the attention I would've never had the time to give her.

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