Early 1977 Plymouth Volare Wagon

  • I saved her from the ashes for only $250. 1 brake and light inspection, 3 smog tests, about $4,000 and plenty of blood sweat and tears later, I finally got her to pass smog. She is now plated and tagged after sitting on a lot for 20 years, 93,000 original miles!
    IMG_2324.JPG punisher.jpg IMG_2272.JPG IMG_2274.JPG IMG_2312.JPG 00h0h_lM04KMjJ6oj_1200x900.jpg 00n0n_7Lvc5FWvni6_1200x900.jpg 00R0R_1ZxTow5AVcW_1200x900.jpg 00r0r_bWx0mkpgDpj_1200x900.jpg 00w0w_lcLq2h2mKkD_1200x900.jpg IMG_2045.JPG IMG_2207.JPG IMG_2208.JPG IMG_2163.JPG IMG_2332.JPG IMG_2537.JPG IMG_2192.JPG IMG_2205.JPG IMG_2206.JPG IMG_2254.JPG IMG_2399.JPG IMG_2401.JPG IMG_2402.JPG IMG_2543.JPG IMG_2268.JPG
    We are certainly on our way.


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  1. Mr Volare Imperial
    Hey, you have great taste in cars! Thumbs up on the KYB shock absorbers.
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  2. Intrepolicious
    My mom had the same wagon, but in the Aspen flavor. Lots of memories in that car!
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  3. BudW
    looking really good!
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  4. Joe12459
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