My 1980 Plymouth Volare Duster

  • My daily driver 1980 Plymouth Volare Duster, Super 6/904, Column shift with bucket seats and rear window louvres. This car was originally mocha brown with a beige interior and had major frame issues, which were cut away and completely rewelded. The body however was fairly solid with only a couples holes and some dings. I restored almost all of it myself, except for the frame welding and some body work. DSC_0059.jpg DSC_0060.jpg DSC_0061.jpg DSC_0062.jpg DSC_0063.jpg
    DSC_0067.jpg DSC_0068.jpg DSC_0069.jpg DSC_0070.jpg DSC_0071.jpg IMG_20160927_125352.jpg IMG_20160927_125343.jpg IMG_20160927_125403.jpg IMG_20170322_152925.jpg IMG_20170322_152917.jpg

    Chevy Aluminum Roller Rockers:
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  1. Joe12459
    Looks like a fun car to drive!
  2. 60mayflower
    nice driver everyone should be so lucky
  3. Rifleshooter
    Incredibly nice! Mind if I ask how much it costed to get it painted red in general, I have an 80 volare duster as well but it's a 3 speed manual on the floor. Was starting to look int getting it painted and heard red is the most expensive color.
    1. mchartier105
      It was around $500 to do it all, but I did all of the work myself and got a discount on some good polyurethane paint which helped
      mchartier105, Feb 9, 2017
  4. Captain Caravelle
    Looks absolutely gorgeous. Very nice work. Love the Hemi orange slanty too.
  5. BudW
    A nice looking car. That red stands out.
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  6. 80 Lebaron Coupe
    Nice Job!
    Is that a Ford carb?
    I have the same car but in beige.
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    1. mchartier105
      Why yes it is, good eye! ;) Its a motorcraft 2150 off of a 351 Bronco
      mchartier105, Apr 30, 2016
  7. Captain Caravelle
    Very sweet ride!
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  8. Darth-Car
    You give hope to F owners everywhere.
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  9. David Clark
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  10. Joe12459
    Very pretty!
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    1. mchartier105
      mchartier105, Apr 28, 2016