Project Critter

  • Project Critter is my 1978 LeBaron T-Bar car that I have owned for the past 2 1/2 years, and it is so named because when I bought her she had some tenants squatting and it smelled as such.
    What it is:
    Factory interior that was reupholstered by the previous owner (looks good but not put back together properly)
    So far:
    Swapped out to a Holley 2bbl
    Changed up most of the running lights to LED
    New stainless true duals w/ Flowmaster 40's
    American racing wheels
    Yet to come:
    Swap out the badly reassembled interior to a red leather interior I pulled from another 78 I parted out
    408 stroker
    Tinted windows from extra glass I have hopefully losing the defroster lines
    Needs some of the trim rehung
    Suspension work to improve the handling
    Most likely swap out to a different set of wheels
    LED Trucklite headlights currently on order to replace the sealed beams (Have them installed now last two photo's)
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  1. Duke5A
    Love it!
  2. 4speedjim
    This is a very pretty car. The color and wheels set if off very nicely. She is a keeper
  3. Jnfbodyguy83
    That is such a angry looking car! Looks good.
  4. Silver Bullet
    I like it, nice job.
  5. mopar guy
    Really nice one of my favorite body styles !
  6. TheBigDirtyBrowner
    That's pretty slick man
    1. ColinV
      Thank You
      ColinV, Apr 30, 2016
    2. TheBigDirtyBrowner
      No problem
      TheBigDirtyBrowner, Apr 30, 2016
  7. Darth-Car
    That's a fancy critter!
    1. ColinV
      Thank You, should look a little different and be more comfortable when I get that red leather interior in it.
      ColinV, Apr 27, 2016
  8. jasperjacko
    Nice car. I think the wheels look good.
    1. ColinV
      They do look good but simply in my opinion they look just slightly better on my Cordoba they came off so I will need to look for another set for Critter.
      ColinV, Apr 27, 2016
  9. Joe12459
    Very nice!
    1. ColinV
      Thank You
      ColinV, Apr 27, 2016