Stew's One Owner 1979 Volare Road Runner

  • Hello,
    I bought this car new in June of 1979 from Kennedy Motors, a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in Watertown, Wis. It has about 106k miles on it. Never winter driven, always cherished. The Sticker shows a price of $6406. I bought it at the end of the model year, ended up paying $6064 for it. The salesman threw off $658.00 - a 10% discount! The saleman wrote it up that way, and the owner of the dealership wasn't happy about it, he knew I wanted the car pretty bad. It had been on the lot since January of '79. I drove 16 miles every weekend from when it first showed up, to see if it was still there. I was a Senior in High School, working nights and weekends all through High School, saving my money so MAYBE I could buy a nice car when I graduated. My parents made me understand that all the payments for the car, insurance, upkeep,etc., was all up to me, and if I missed a payment, it would be gone. I didn't disappoint them, or myself. It has a 318 4bbl, 2:40 gears, heavy duty suspension, and Lean Burn.
    On the highway, if I keep it under 70, so the secondaries don't open up, I can get 20 mpg all day long. A a long trip, I even managed to get 23 mpg out of it a couple of times.
    The car is just as i bought it, with a few paint touch ups due to stone chips.
    I'm also including a photo of my nephew's '79, brown metallic with t-tops that we restored.
    When he bought it, he was told it was a Georgia car originally. It had a 360 2bbl, and a/c.
    Sound or look familiar to anyone?


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  1. Ed Dorey
    Are the wire headlight covers stock?
    1. bbeep79
      Hi Ed !
      No, the wire headlight covers were something I picked up at the local auto parts store shortly after I bought the car. I always thought they were just something different to have on the car, I'm not sure what my reasoning was. I was going to take them off last year, but a friend talked me into leaving them on.
      Hope your Aspen is coming along!
      bbeep79, Aug 23, 2018
  2. bbeep79
  3. Eric
    Awesome car!
  4. BudW
    Very nice, and it has a great story behind it!
  5. old yellow 78
    VERY nice! I wish I had kept my first Volare, but I wore it out. Before that, I had a '70 Challenger R/T that I stupidly traded in in about 1976. You are very fortunate that you never got rid of your RR.
  6. Ed Dorey