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    Mar 4, 2012
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    The only colored bulbs I have ever used are the amber painted bulbs (like what my wagon and Fifth Ave use for front marker lamps).
    I went with clear bulbs and boy do they light up the dash (must turn down the dimmer knob some - which is a good thing).
    The 194 bulbs fit almost everything dash, including the dash turn signals, high beam indicator, oil pressure lamp, ash tray, glove box, side marker lamps, third brake lamp and so forth.
    The map lamp, dome lamp and under dash lamp(s) (on when car door is open) if equipped, uses different bulbs.
    If a person was to change out all the 194 bulbs in a car – you can easily use over 20 bulbs.

    Did you remove the “green” plastic cover that goes between the bulb and the cluster? If not, double green would be a bit much (and I’m not recommending removing the green covers).

    I have had problems inserting bulbs into those removeable bulb holders before. Sometimes, you must remove a bulb (which is not seating), turn it 180 degrees and try again. I have even had to swap bulbs into different bulb carriers before – so not sure if quality in bulbs, quality in bulb holders or both.
    Also, on the bulbs that don’t fit right (seldom – but happens), I’ve never had to toss a new bulb – for when I have a fitment problem, it still worked in another bulb holder (so some juggling might be required).

    The only thing that looks off with Halogen bulbs in my Volare wagon is the Left side lower corner of dash is not lit, per se. That area is reserved for Brake and Oil Pressure lamps – and is rather dark now when car is in motion. Not a complaint – but just looks odd, now.
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    Aug 7, 2015
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    Did you go get that beautiful brown betty?

    Remember, you can always send it down here to Texas if you two can't get along...
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