drag set up for my aspen

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    Sep 18, 2018
    ok so now that work is shut down because of virus im thinking about working on my ole girl. i would like some advice about set up .. 78 r/t -383bb -727- disconnected sway bars- 6cly torsion bars going to make frame connectors. was thing about going to bigger struts that tie the fender to fire-wall too. am i missing anything
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    Mar 4, 2012
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    Sway bars (front or rear) are useless for a drag car. They are added extra weight and front bar can delay weight transfer from front to rear.

    A front sway bar are pretty much a requirement for a street car. Most FMJ's came from factory without a rear sway bar – but if a person it planning on taking a car to the twisties, then a big front and rear bar added helps out.
    If you happen to have a rear sway bar and car will be a dedicated for drag racing, then remove the rear bar!
    Removing the front bar would also be advisable – unless you will be driving car too/from track (then that would be personal preference).

    On the front sway bars, There were only three used: normal, HD and police. The police front bar was always used with a rear sway bar.
    I'm not sure what the difference is between the normal or HD bar is – and I've worked with hundreds of 'em.

    There was only one torsion bar used for all FMJ's. There was a difference on bushing hardness used – but the torsion bars were all the same from '76 to '89.
    TTI has came out with a nice torsion bar – but you will not want them for a drag only car (plus they are $$$).
    I hope this helps