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    Apr 6, 2018
    Fine....I guess someone needs to shit on the /6 then to maintain expectations. :eek::D

    Dude, a super six is nothing more than a really tall midget. I've done three inline six motors: a /6, a Ford 300 and an AMC 258. They all sucked. The Jeep motor even got a full makeover with Clifford parts, over sized valves, ported/polished head, high compression pistons - a total performance build. When it was all said and done, it was still a midget, but with really expensive platform boots.

    You can throw parts at it, just don't expect too much...
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    Feb 26, 2017
    s e texas
    The examples I had were usually a 3:23 gear mated to auto and the stick ars were usually 3:5 ars bak in 80's or even 90's just the way they came from the factory. I agree a auto in a 3:91 is fun but more fun with a 4 speed!
    Yes there are dedicated NA ( naturally aspired) slant drag cars running in the 10's quarter mile but lots of $$$ invested and NOT a street car.
    Forced induction an make any engine run pretty good though. Costs.
    Like said, the best bang for the buck is a good small block with the right gears for your driving needs.
    I have had and currently have had a bunch of slants, currently a 79 Volare super six, I love driving it but my expectations for it coincide with what it is, a stock 225 with a 2 bbl! and highway gears.
    I have a 76 Volare RR with a 318 2 bbl and maybe 2:94 gears, I love it but my expectations for it are not what I had when I had hemi's and 440 6 pacs and TA's and AAR's.
    I measure my fun by smiles per mile and happiness per $ spent these days! I still find more fun is building cheap and doing as much myself as a 71 year old fart can.!!!
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    Aug 9, 2015
    Hang a supercharger on it, and call it a day for engine mods. This will give you that extra fun factor you are looking for. If that is not enough, you can do some of the suggested upgrades to the gear box.

    Remember guys he is not racing this car. He just wants to help it get out of its own way when he leaves the light. On a budget upgrade I feel the supercharger will do that for him nicely.
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    Aug 28, 2015
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    Right. Whatever I do (or not) to OY, I'm NOT interested in making it a racer. It is a cruiser only - at least while I own it. ;) You describe exactly what I am looking for. While I really do appreciate the effort and detailed information many have contributed above, much of it is over my head. o_O However, I have learned more than I ever knew about the gearing of both transmission and rear end. I also never knew that they both factored in so much in getting the most out of a drivetrain! :cool:
    Ok... I'm not sure exactly what that involves. o_O I like the word "budget" though. However, I was wondering about maybe just getting a better carb than the stock 2 barrel. It's been rebuilt a few times, but at 41 years old, maybe it would respond better to a new carb? I don't know, just guessing. OY is snoozing out in the garage for the winter. I didn't even get to take it to Vargos or the Rollout the other weekend. Oh well, I needed to clean out chimney and get more firewood more than just walk around the car shows. ;)
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