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  1. d440er
    It's For Sale. Time for it to go to someone else to have fun with.
  2. Oldiron440
    I like it, it's something you just don't see. Very nice!
  3. DCAspen
    Beautiful job,Love the stance on your ride,How long did your project take,Nice custom touches.
    1. d440er
      Took it apart in 2001, finished (well, for now) 2017.
      d440er, Feb 5, 2018
  4. d440er
  5. d440er
    Not much of the stock car left. Fiberglass hood, bumper, fenders, doors and quarter panels. This car started as a coupe, I added the T-top.
  6. d440er
    440 with Edelbrock Pro-Flo intake and FAST electronics. Tremec 5 speed.
  7. d440er
    Seats are original to the car along with the door panels. Cruise and wiper motor are under dash. AC/heat controls are behind ash tray door. Power window switch is located in the console in front of the shifter.
  8. BudW
    You did a lot of work to the car – and it looks very nice!

    I see a custom instrument cluster, hydraulic clutch (5-speed transmission??), a different front suspension, port fuel injection, different hood hinges, relocated wiper motor (or is wipers faux?), T-tops, shaved door handles and marker lights and possible cruise control (or is that a nitrous switch?).

    Are the windows stuck in the “up” position?

    More details, please.
    1. d440er
      Tremec 5 spd, 440, hood hinges are stock except for the struts, wiper motor under dash, cruise under dash, no nitrous, windows are power, located switch in console just in front of the shifter. Yes, I did do a lot of work to the car, Thanks.
      d440er, Jan 29, 2018
  9. Joe12459