Imperialistic Marauder

  • I like all Mopars (Superbird please) but I have a real fondness for Imperials. They're luxurious, well engineered and rare! I have owned a 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra fastback (428CJ) since I was 17 (restored). I have a restored 1969 Mercury Marauder X -100 (red w/429 & buckets/console). My 79 Mark V Cartier is almost perfect, as is my 79 Chrysler 300. I have a nice 1979 Dodge Magnum GT. IMG_20190108_094427.jpg IMG_20180715_192831.jpg
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  1. Babybell
  2. glennb49
    You and I love the same cars! I owned a 73 Imp coupe with sun roof, yellow with white top and leather interior for 32 years, its now in Israel. Have always liked the Marauders and all Imperial too. Looks like you love Mustangs too! That 63 Imp convert your next project?
  3. glennb49
    Beautiful Imp and 300. Looks like a rare sun roof cars!! My 81 Frank Sinatra has a sun roof , I have had two 79 300s both Ttops, regrettably sold them both!
  4. Oldiron440
    Your mopars look great, put some pictures of the FoMoCo products up here also it's ok I won't tell.
  5. SixBanger
    Great collection you have! Also nice to see you still have your Fastback.