Imperialistic Marauder

  • I like all Mopars (Superbird please) but I have a real fondness for Imperials. They're luxurious, well engineered and rare! I have owned a 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra fastback (428CJ) since I was 17 (restored). I have a restored 1969 Mercury Marauder X -100 (red w/429 & buckets/console). My 79 Mark V Cartier is almost perfect, as is my 79 Chrysler 300. I have a nice 1979 Dodge Magnum GT. IMG_20190108_094427.jpg IMG_20180715_192831.jpg
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  1. Oldiron440
    Your mopars look great, put some pictures of the FoMoCo products up here also it's ok I won't tell.
  2. SixBanger
    Great collection you have! Also nice to see you still have your Fastback.