My Junk

  • The boring Daily Driver. Short bed, reg cab, 2wd, 4.9l/5-speed. If I could've found a comparable Dodge, I would have bought it. The poopy-brown body is crazy straight and the interior is almost perfect, hard to find in the era of hard plastic Fords. 20180227_143638.jpg
    The current "project". Once again, I went looking for a Dodge, but even being a Mopar guy at heart, I've always had a soft spot for 70s Ford trucks... especially stepsides (Flareside in Ford-speak, Uteline in Mopar). The KC Daylighters are gone, but the truck looks the same today. 360/NP435. 20170716_152313.jpg This '76 Cordoba had a 360, Edelbrock Airgap intake, Summit carb, HEI conversion, and A/C delete pulleys and brackets from Bouchillon Performance. Nosed, decked, smoothed bumpers, ramair through the turn signal openings, suspension work, "race-inspired" interior w vintage SW gauges... lots of fun stuff.
    Unfortunately, this is the only photo of it I have left because it got sold a couple of yrs ago. People would ask, "Is that thing as badass as it looks/sounds?". Nope... not even close, but it was on its way. CordobaIMAG0202-1-1_zpsd0fa0b37.jpg
    The new M: '79 Lebaron, 318/A904 (I think)
    2018-04-08 08.35.04.jpg


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  1. Oldiron440
    I think Ford and Mopar are a nice blend!
  2. jasperjacko
    Like the Cordoba. I would like to do an aero version and slope the front end using Mercedes sloped oval headlights and turn signals.
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  3. Shorty Thompson
    I like the ram air idea . Never would've given that a 2nd thought , but I like it .
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