One Of One?

  • I bought this car back in Aug. of 1981. At the time I didn't know you weren't suppose to be able to order an R/T or RR F body with a Halo vinyl roof! It has the E58 360 4brl. engine. Cruise, floor console shift, rear window def. ,tilt, and AM/FM radio. Not a super heavily optioned car, but very unique/rare. It came with 8.25" 3:21 Sure Grip. Its been a very fun car to own/drive!


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  1. LSM360
    Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL Aspen! And with the E58, perfection!
  2. Oldiron440
    Nice ride!
  3. JohnRogers
    The halo roof blends in very well. Looks and sounds like a fun ride!
  4. old yellow 78
    Beautiful Aspen! I really like the halo roof. I think it is very distinctive and follows the lines of the car very well. Great that you kept this F body is such nice shape for all those years. I've never seen another R/T - RR with a halo roof.
  5. Shorty Thompson
    Thought I'd seen that car before . Then seen the owner's pic with it . Then I knew.