K I am wanting to buy a newer used vehicle for a more modern engine/trans swap into my 79 volare' duster/roadrunner.


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Feb 9, 2022
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springfield OR.
Yes, it would. There are two intake port sizes on the small blocks. The 273/318 motors had the small one and the 340/360 motors had the larger. The Performer manifold has the small runners and the Performer RPM has the bigger. All small block heads and intakes are interchangeable though. Don't worry about that. The Edelbrock manifold you have works great for a stockish 360 and will save you 20lbs of the nose of the car.

Another plus of the Performer manifold is you can use factory A/C compressor mounts if you have A/C on the car. The Performer RPM doesn't work with factory A/C because the water inlet is in a slightly different location.
thats good to know.. I'm not sure which one I have. I got it from a buddy who sold his 318 dart for a camaro. and it was in his spare parts bin.. when I crunched the volare in cali. I thought I scraped it. but my ol' junk parts keep popping up. the rear glass and defuzer on my Aspen wagon came from a rusted tail gate I changed out from it too.
the performer will allow for a 4 BBL set up over the 2 that I'll likely find. and maybe a carb style after market EFI.